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Keep your home in shape: Checklist for Home Maintenance

Home maintenanceLike a car and bike, our home also needs a regular maintenance, all it needs is an occasional touch to keep home in tip-top condition. Home maintenance can be done on seasonal basis and in two parts ie. indoor maintenance and outdoor maintenance. In order to maximize the valuation or ROI (Return On Investment) of your home you need to work on the following factors;

  1. Monthly task:

Clean kitchen sink disposal:

Keep your kitchen clean.

Keep your kitchen clean.

Kitchen is the integral part of our daily life, and there is multiple ways to clean the kitchen, but the best way is to use the vinegar ice cubes. Take the solution of vinegar and put in ice tray and let it freeze, ones it freezes then drop the ice cubes in sink. Sink will get fresh and bonus is that blades will get sharp by ice.

Check your fire extinguisher:

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