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Points to consider when opting for rented home

Whether you are already staying in a rented home or planning to get into one, there are several factors that need to be kept in mind to ensure safe moving in the property. Ignoring these factors can be more critical even when compared to the sloppy paperwork in this area. Rented home is not only about interior and exterior, a complete check of the ownership and minor details is also important.

Guide for tenants moving in.

Guide for tenants moving in.

Few of the important factors that need to be well thought-out are:

  1. Thorough inspection of the home:

It is important to completely inspect the flat by yourself, so that you can check every furniture and equipment fitting.  To avoid any issues later on, meeting the owner of the flat is a good idea.  Any changes in the flat can be requested before moving into the flat.

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Builders are attracting new customer through e-portals

e-portalUntil now, different real estate portals were being utilized by the customers to understand the flooring plan as well as to get different quotes and prices for property through all over India, but now builders are using the same tool to attract the customers, wherein they are promoting the online sale of property. In today’s computerized and internet savvy world, it is easier to reach customers through internet rather than direct approach. Builders are starting to understand the importance of these online portals.

The new township project “Palava” in Navi Mumbai has been successfully able to generate nearly 100 property booking...

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Home ownership; the great Indian dream

hmeWe all love to dream; it can be four wheeler, prestigious job, social status, fame or last but not least a dream home. Food, cloth and shelter are the basic human needs and now all come with hard work and money until you are not backed by your ancestors in terms of finance. Every Indian still considers owning a home an ultimate investment and goal in life. From the corporate world to fruit vendor on the street, everyone wants a home of their own. According to recent survey in India there are 26 million families, who are living in rented properties or homeless, and they all dream of only one thing ie. having their own home, but it’s not easy because in India real estate is still considered as the best investment and due to that prices of real estate properties are very high...

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Real estate market sees significant upswing in Noida and NCR

beautiful-city-223633In 1976 Noida came into existence and developed into one of the biggest and most economically significant hubs of India. Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative sectors for investment in India. After reviewing the top 10 markets in India, there is a positive shift in the overall feeling within the housing market. There are several areas in India that preside at the forefront of this highly profitable market in which Noida and Noida extension are two of them. Its excellent connectivity is augmented by the Yamuna Expressway on one end and the Noida Expressway on the other.

Noida and NCR are some of the best places to invest in real estate business, because it enjoys certain benefits that are as unique as they are favorable...

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Together Forever Contest

We all have one special friend, to whom we love to tag as “Best friend forever”. Celebrate the bond of friendship with us by sharing your snap with your best buddy and tagging their names.

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Friendship day Contest

Sunday is a day to celebrate friendship with your old and new friends, come out of your busy and hectic life and spend quality time with your best buddies and let them know they mean a lot. Plan for get-together with your friends and make new memories for years to come. Remember the old days and quality time, which you have spent with each other such as; laughs, outing, jokes, smiles, fights and more. Friendship Day is a perfect time to reach out to all your friends and thank them for being there with you.

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Together Forever Contest

If you want to be a super best friend but don’...

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Why Landlords Must Avail Property Consultation Services?

Renting a property is certainly not a tedious task for the landlords. This is what we all believe. But honestly, be it an experienced or a novice landlord, there are a few areas of property management where non-professional property owners lack knowledge. Managing a property isn’t a cakewalk, similarly, renting it out also demands pain and efforts. Remember, using a property as a source of income is a difficult task, and certainly, it requires some skills and strategies. That is why experts suggest landlords to take the assistance of veteran property consultants, who knows all the pros and cons of renting a property to a stranger.

What Services a Property Consultant Can Offer to the Landlords?

An association with a property consultant will give you the time to relax...

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