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Homes based on sports theme: A perfect place to work, play and live!

In real estate market people are looking for leisure homes to spend quality time. Some premium developers are offering interesting themes and concepts to fulfill the needs and wants of buyers. Now it’s time when you can control your home appliances from remote places with the help of an iPad or any other gadget, your kids can go to an in-house cricket academy or you can do yoga or jog on your own your terrace even in rain.

From F1, polo suites to cricket theme homes, sports cities are now offering premium leisure and other recreation propositions to buyers, so that they can enjoy premium sporting events on the comfort of their own homes.

Sports themed housing projects

Sports themed housing projects

Sports theme as a differentiator:

The innovative USP (unique selling point) for new sports theme based homes is the contr...

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Builders are attracting new customer through e-portals

e-portalUntil now, different real estate portals were being utilized by the customers to understand the flooring plan as well as to get different quotes and prices for property through all over India, but now builders are using the same tool to attract the customers, wherein they are promoting the online sale of property. In today’s computerized and internet savvy world, it is easier to reach customers through internet rather than direct approach. Builders are starting to understand the importance of these online portals.

The new township project “Palava” in Navi Mumbai has been successfully able to generate nearly 100 property booking...

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Why buyers prefer a property in outskirts?

In today’s time, when people are ready to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, developers have acknowledged this fact and giving a direction to their actions considering the current choice of buyers when it comes to property. At present, each and every nook and corner of the major cities have been occupied. Whatever comes in front of property buyers is in the form of a resale property.

No new investment opportunity can pop-up because the developers are busy transforming the outskirts and peripheries. When developers found no space left for new construction inside the cities, the construction kings targeted the outskirts where peaceful residential plots, properties and apartments have taken the spotlight...

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Affordable Residential Plots across Noida

Purchasing a property in Delhi and NCR is certainly not a cakewalk. The hard-to-bear property rates across the National Capital are certainly leaving no option for the Delhi residents but to re-locate to its extended areas. But unfortunately, even the neighboring regions of Delhi are slipping out of the reach of a common man because the property rates there are also budget breaking. So now – what is the option left? If a layman can’t purchase a piece of land for its survival then what is he supposed to do?

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