Keep your home in shape: Checklist for Home Maintenance

Home maintenanceLike a car and bike, our home also needs a regular maintenance, all it needs is an occasional touch to keep home in tip-top condition. Home maintenance can be done on seasonal basis and in two parts ie. indoor maintenance and outdoor maintenance. In order to maximize the valuation or ROI (Return On Investment) of your home you need to work on the following factors;

  1. Monthly task:

Clean kitchen sink disposal:

Keep your kitchen clean.

Keep your kitchen clean.

Kitchen is the integral part of our daily life, and there is multiple ways to clean the kitchen, but the best way is to use the vinegar ice cubes. Take the solution of vinegar and put in ice tray and let it freeze, ones it freezes then drop the ice cubes in sink. Sink will get fresh and bonus is that blades will get sharp by ice.

Check your fire extinguisher:

First, you should know that how fire extinguisher system works. In short, it doesn’t require much inspection, but you should check it on monthly basis as it is the most important system in case of fire emergency. Make sure that it has easy access with visible signs.

  1. Quarterly:

Check smoke detectors:

Your smoke detectors should have test button, so that you can test it on regular interval. While testing, if alarm sounds, then it means all is going well. In case of no sound, replace the batteries and test again, but if you are still facing the problem then consult with concerned organization or individual.

Check water system:

Check & fix leakage

Check & fix leakage

On regular intervals, you should check the pipelines and sewage system, so that you can identify the leakage. If guest bathrooms, sinks or any other water sources are not used regularly, then run water on regular basis to clean the space.

  1. Biannually:

Test your water heater system:

In winters, it plays a very important role in all water activity from kitchen to bathrooms. It’s essential to check the safeguards against leaks and water leakage before winters, so that you can use it more efficiently.

Deep clean for house:

We all are in the habit to clean the home on daily basis, but still there is some space to do more. Like on Dewali and other festive occasions, we Indians are used to clean the whole home including; home appliances, windows, sofa covers, curtains and more. Keeping things clean and clear and not letting dirt to cover the walls can increase the life and beauty of home.

Sometimes it’s not enough to clean the home on above mentioned points and you need to schedule an extra plan for that. In different seasons such as; winters, summers, and rain we need to cover the extra points for home maintenance such as; AC & cooler checking before summers, window and roof checking before rainy season, blower and water heater checking before winters and more. So now it’s in your hand to keep your home in tip-top condition.

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Home Maintenance

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