Homes based on sports theme: A perfect place to work, play and live!

In real estate market people are looking for leisure homes to spend quality time. Some premium developers are offering interesting themes and concepts to fulfill the needs and wants of buyers. Now it’s time when you can control your home appliances from remote places with the help of an iPad or any other gadget, your kids can go to an in-house cricket academy or you can do yoga or jog on your own your terrace even in rain.

From F1, polo suites to cricket theme homes, sports cities are now offering premium leisure and other recreation propositions to buyers, so that they can enjoy premium sporting events on the comfort of their own homes.

Sports themed housing projects

Sports themed housing projects

Sports theme as a differentiator:

The innovative USP (unique selling point) for new sports theme based homes is the control technology, in which residents can control every aspect of their homes with the help of a central console. With the help of gadgets and software one can operate electrical gadgets very easily such as; washing machine, dishwasher, air-conditioning, lighting, and front door. Developers are maintaining these unique features in all adverts because they know that it will influence the buyers’ behavior.

In sports cities you can practice the premium sports at nominal cost such as; horse riding, polo, fishing, golf or even butterfly breeding. Noida Expressway is the perfect place for developers, where they are pitching most of the sports theme projects to make themselves stand out from rest competitors. Now-a-days the gap between supply and demand is widening due to expensive home loans and rising construction costs. Few of the premium projects in Greater Noida are offering full-sized cricket stadium and Formula 1 racing track, while few developers are announcing to construct their own Sports Village. In real estate market Sports Villages are new trend which provides hockey stadium, boxing ring, cricket stadium, polo and squash. We all know and studied the concept of sports city in Dubai and in other international market, that how well they are performing and providing the comfort to buyers. And now it’s clear that sports-based infrastructure are in huge demand.

Sport theme based project:

Noida and Greater Noida Expressway are the places developers are building projects which will offer luxury homes, 9-hole and 18-hole golf course with fruit orchards, gazebos, meditation huts and swan lakes. Projects will also include marina for speedboats on standby to cruise the river with a concept of home along the Ganges and it will attract the residents of Kolkata and NRIs to buy a home.

The fact is simple that these concepts will offer an additional leverage to the real estate developers, so that they can attract customers. If you are looking for high budget home, so try theme-based homes.

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