Festive Time: Right time to decorate your dream home

Are you bored of your bedroom and want to change the way it looks? Or have you recently shifted and you are confused about how your new bedroom should look? Here are some ways through which you can personalize your bedroom according to your mood and style in a way that it defines you.

Stylish Bedroom

Stylish Bedroom

The first and foremost thing to be done is to make a list of things which you love; they can be anything like flowers, chocolates, gadgets, lights, or just simple people of your family whom you love the most. All of the things that you write in your list should revolve around you. Thus, choose the theme of the room, based upon it.After the initial step, you have to focus on the things which you hate about your room, it may be the sappy carpet, or the old and worn out curtains or it can be the color of the walls which is depressing you, instead of rejuvenating you.

Starting Point:

You need to declutter your room and creatively make the most of the space which is there to be used. Your bedroom should give a cozy and intimate feeling which starts with your bed. Cover your bed with soft and bright comforter and pile up different sized and patterned pillows on your bed; it will give a comfortable feeling to the room. Try using bright colored bed sheets and duvets to cover your bed, as it will make the whole room a bright and cheerful. Try changing the curtains of your room, if they have become drab and old; replace them with alternative color scheme according to the theme. Make an artwork of your old favorite bed sheet, to hang on the wall, to personalize the wall.

Desire Changes can be:

  i.      In Furniture:

Try changing the position of your furniture and place them against the corners to save space and make your room look more spacious. Try fixing mini lights or lamps with different patterned shades in one corner or on your bedside, as it will give your room more ambiences. If you like aromas, place scented candles on your dresser or nightstand, it will add to the flavor of the ambience.


 ii.     In Color of Wall:

Changing the color of the walls is always the best option, to rejuvenate your room. Furniture plays an important role in your room, whether it is your bed, table, nightstand or the dresser. Focus on them to blend them with the theme or use the magic of contrast, to make your old dresser look classy and elegant in your renovated bedroom.

Select color for you bedroom properly

Select color for you bedroom properly

iii.     In Dining Table:

The things we place on the dining or the coffee table also have a role to play. Try placing a vase filled with fresh flowers to give you a fresh and dazzling feeling. That vase of roses will immediately brighten up your room and your mood.

We mostly neglect the floor but it is equally important. Place a bright colored rug upon it, to make it look alive or add neutral toned carpet to make it look inviting. Adding a comfortable chair or a bean bag makes your room a place for relaxation and comfort.

Beautiful rose-vase on a dining table

Beautiful rose-vase on a dining table

iv.      Other things:

To increase the beauty of home you can also decorate your home with following things;

i.   Room Rugs

ii.    Designer Bed sheets

iii.   Vases

iv.    Curtains

v.     Artifacts

Remember that you have power to design your dream home according to you:

You need to decorate your room with uniformity, keeping in mind not to add too much things and keeping the room spacious. Mix and match patterns, prints and neutral colors to give your bedroom a layered feeling which will help in maintaining the unique style of every furniture, painting and pattern you have used to decorate your dream bedroom. Bedroom is a reflection of individual’s taste, likes, dislikes and personality. It is one of the most personal and important rooms in the home space. When it comes to revamping and updating the bedroom decor, people have a tough time figuring out as to what should be incorporated into a bedroom design. The simplest way to deal with it is, simply follow your heart. Select colors which make you happy, try to keep extra furniture and heavy decorative items out of your bedroom, and place beautiful and fragrant flowers there for a new positive energy.


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