Festive season is the right time to invest in property

Real Estate experiences a boom in the festive month.

Real Estate experiences a boom in the festive month.

Real estate industry is a buzz with activity because festive season is about to come. Real estate developers are aggressively promoting their projects and investors as well as end users are willing to purchase and explore more property deals during this festive season, which will commence in October and November, and culminates in March than other time of the year. According to experts, one third of the property sales can be attributed in this time period. The reason behind the increased levels of sales activity during the festive season can be following;

üMost of the new projects are launched during the festive season than any other time in year, from luxury dwellings to mid-income living to affordable housing and due to that buyers of every class have great options to choose from.

üDeveloper provides the heavy discounts, offers and complimentary service with easy payment options.

üIn festive season most of the banks come out with enticing offers and better loan offers.

üIn India most of the people think that these dates are linked with prosperity, so they prefer to buy homes in these days.

üPeople receive bonus and other benefits during the festival time, so they save in the preceding months in order to purchase the property in festivals.

Huge discounts are offered during festivals.

Huge discounts are offered during festivals.

Many developers are concentrating on number games with different offers, incentives, and other promotional schemes during the launch time. If amongst these, you are going to be one of the buyers, you can expect one or more of the following offers or incentives to come your way:

üGold coins or cash back

üFree car

üCash discount

üFree club membership

üBrokerage discounts

üFree car parking space

üInternational or national travel vouchers

üFree appliances or home amenities such as; air conditioners, modular kitchen and more.

üDiscount on registration fees and stamp duty

If you are going to buy a property, you can follow this step-by-step guide for a lucrative property deal;

üAnalyze the property cost and locations and discuss with friends and relatives to collect their feedback on same.

üTry to convince the builder, because once you will convince him, then he will be more open to offering discounts.

üBuilders don’t offer the discount in starting, so bargain hard.

üIf you are good with property and ready for final call, carry a cheque book in order to make an immediate down-payment if needed.

üGet the pre-approved home loan to secure maximum possible benefits and your dream property at the right time.

Sometimes it’s not enough to know the best time to deal in property and take the plunge with the herd. The most important thing is to know how to get the best deal with discount and offers at the right time.

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