Existing home owners looking for a second investment opportunity in Delhi/NCR

According to HIS (Housing Sentiment Index) reports of Apr-Jun 2014, nearly 37% of people in Gurgaon, 30% in Noida and 26% in Delhi, who already own a house, are now looking for a second investment opportunity in residential sector.

People are considering for investment in properties multiple times

People are considering for investment in properties multiple times

IIM Bangalore quarterly issues report, HIS, is aiming to collect new home buyers’ views on the real estate prices for over a period of next six months. As per the reports the market seems to be positive about second residential investment especially around Delhi/NCR region. Developers are now coming forwards with premium residential properties for not only the second time buyers but for a new home buyer as well.

One of the main regions which have been attracting the potential buyers is the Delhi/NCR; this has also been getting overwhelming response from second home seekers. The reasons for this attraction has been attributed to the developing infrastructure, educational institution, shopping centers, commercial places, shopping centers, all located in proximity location. This has been able to gain the trust from the potential home buyers.

According to market, reasons for increasing demand for second homes in Delhi/NCR are combination of big home and modern lifestyle.

What market experts have to say?

As per the market experts, people currently residing in smaller homes are looking for an upgrade in home and lifestyle. According to one of the potential customer from Indirapuram,I have been able to invest in a second home in one of the prime locations towards NH-4. It has all the facilities and can accommodate my whole family”.It shows that they are looking for big houses having all the new facilities and more space for the family members. It’s all about having school, hospitals, markets and other facilities nearby home.

According to Pratap, one of thebuilders, “normally 2nd time home buyers prefer smaller homes which are easily rentable and can be sold easily as well. When it comes to 2BHK, 3BHK, it is mostly opted from professionals and students, who are looking for good home falling in their budget. They can opt to stay with friends and share the rent as well”.

Be aware about the following factors:

i.            If a potential home buyer is already paying for their existing property then they need to be aware that the new property will be of more cost. If not, then it should be easily affordable through EMIs.


ii.            Buyers should ensure to check all the facilities that will be provided before freezing on the investment.

iii.            Always ensure that the second home should have all the facilities that your existing home is lacking. Your second property should be equipped with everything in proximity.

iv.             Selection of second home should be done carefully and wisely, as some of the new developers are offering eco-friendly lifestyle, clubhouse and other facilities, which you might end up paying with no personal use.

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