Current status of properties in Delhi NCR, Noida

In the last few years, the trend of real estate investment has gone through the peaks of highs and lows.  Various government policies and private interest of people in property investment has contributed to finalize the prices of property (both commercial as well as residential) in Delhi NCR. Therefore, if today a decent property in Delhi is out of the reach of common people then certainly there are many factors resulted into this current situation (good or bad we can’t really judge). Now, the big question is – how easily a legally approved, reasonably priced property in Delhi is available to a small investor (who is majorly a common man trying hard every day to feed his family)?

As per the experts and many real estate brokers, the current condition of properties in Delhi is not too favorable. The prices are still budget breaking and scaring the people who plans to invest in a property at the national capital of India. But still, it doesn’t mean that the sale purchase of commercial and residential properties in Delhi has fallen strongly at a dead end. Even today the investors are aggressively buying and selling properties in Delhi NCR. Those investors who failed to find a perfect property in Delhi move ahead towards Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. Reason is – the count of available properties in NCR is still more than count of properties opened for resale in Delhi. That is why property agents are also focusing on projects, plots and real estate developments happening in the national capital regions.

If we take a glance at the facts and figures, then Gurgaon has earned its share of limelight and progress in the last decade, perhaps that is why the real estate companies and developers are now concentrating on transforming Noida and its extensions. The vicinity of Noida today has got many big construction projects under its kitty and most of these projects are powered by big daddies of the real estate sector.

From residential to commercial, from shopping complexes, malls to business parks and IT parks, the developers have already pulled up their sox and putting in the best of their efforts to ensure that Noida earn its share of prosperity and evolution. Adding more to the progress of Noida are also the brokers and real estate agents who have undertaken the responsibility of recommending elite properties of Noida to the investors across India and abroad.

Brokers and agents are cognizant regarding the eagerness with which buyers are juggling around to find a property of their interest. Also, dealers are aware that the properties in Noida are meant to complement the requirements of small investors, who necessitate a decent property at a reasonable price line. Thus, everything has moved to a perfect track where the requirements of both, purchasers as well as developers have met at a common end.

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