Conservation of energy in home

Environment friendly home

Environment friendly home

Energy conservation helps to reduce the energy consumption with the help of different techniques and other less energy sources. For example; traveling less with vehicle is example of energy conservation, while driving the same distance with high mileage vehicle is the example of energy efficiency. In home we can do both i.e. Energy conservation and efficiency and both have their own importance. With the help of energy conservation we can increase the environment quality and money saving. With the help of energy efficient house we can reduce annual energy bills up-to 30 percent. With the help of below mentioned tips anyone can save the energy for the benefit of nation and environment;

Green lighting:

i.            Turn off the useless lights and save electricity

ii.            Use compact fluorescent bulbs to reduce the energy by 75 percent, try to replace the bulbs as soon as possible

iii.            If your children are mature than put them in charge of electricity bill because they can make sure that all lights are turned off

iv.            Try to use timers, dimmers and motion detectors on outdoor and indoor lighting

Cooling and heating system of home:

i.            On yearly or monthly basis clean your air conditioner filters and furnace because it will keep cooling and heating system efficient

ii.            Install a programmable thermostat because it can regulate your cooling and heating when you will be not in home

iii.            Install window films, which you don’t open often

iv.            Use ceiling fans to improve the efficiency of cooling and heating system

v.            Avoid water beds in winters because they use a lot of energy to keep the heat in

Washing and drying:

i.            Use appropriate insulation blanket to cover water heater

ii.            Reduce the amount of dishes to wash and save water

iii.            Reduce the amount of towels to use and wash in kitchen

iv.            Choose warm cycles over hot cycles while washing the dishes

v.            Reduce ironing time and clothes

vi.            Hang your clothes to dry and avoid using washing machines


Batteries and Chargers:

i.            Use rechargeable chargers and batteries

ii.            Switch of chargers when you are not using it

iii.            Only purchase non-battery toys


i.            Don’t put hot food in refrigerator

ii.            Put your refrigerator away from sun light

iii.            Don’t use two refrigerators

iv.            Make sure your fridge have five stars for energy saving

v.            If you have a large refrigerator then keep it in cool place such as basement

vi.            Check the temperature of refrigerator and adjust it according to atmosphere


i.            Use microwave in place of an oven or toaster

ii.            Choose small electronic appliances

iii.            Cover the pans while cooking

iv.            Turn off burner when you done with cooking

v.            Use pressure cooker to cook the food


i.            Turn of the television when you are not using it because it draws power constantly

ii.            Try to re-cycle the aluminum cans, cardboard, plastic, newspapers, glass bottles and other things.

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