Builders are attracting new customer through e-portals

e-portalUntil now, different real estate portals were being utilized by the customers to understand the flooring plan as well as to get different quotes and prices for property through all over India, but now builders are using the same tool to attract the customers, wherein they are promoting the online sale of property. In today’s computerized and internet savvy world, it is easier to reach customers through internet rather than direct approach. Builders are starting to understand the importance of these online portals.

The new township project “Palava” in Navi Mumbai has been successfully able to generate nearly 100 property booking. The spokesperson of the Lodha group (Township project) stated that it is easier to get in touch with the customer first by providing basic information and later on extent it to even booking of the property. He stated that online world has become very useful now. During the early part of this year the Tata group was able to sell nearly 200 apartment all across 5 of their projects. This was done through online campaign extending till 4 days.  They were able to sell 50 houses during the Google Online shopping festival, through the same method.

Mr. Rajeeb, the head of marketing at Tata Housing stated that in today’s busy life, people spend nearly 70-80% of the time on internet searching details about the property hence it encouraged them to use the same option even to sell the property. He stated that this option was used not only to attract the local customers but the NRI one’s as well. Tata Housing has tied up with banks like IDBI etc to complete the transactions. The customer needs to pay the initial deposit amount (up to Rs 50000) either through credit or debit card and the property is allotted to them. Later on the customer has the option to either complete the transaction through online payment or direct offline payment. The only catch here is that the buyer has to ensure that they are sure and have done all the research before buying the property because this initial down payment is non-refundable.

Customers apart from metropolitan cities are investing more time online in researching before purchasing the property and this idea is now extending even to the tier 2 cities. As per Google survey, nearly 50% of the buying decisions get affected after internet research. This has prompted the builders to share almost all the details about the property to enable the sale. According to the builders, even the idea of purchasing property online is still in blooming state, but it has its advantages. Buyer can compare different property and rates and choose the property in their request area.

Builders are moving toward the online option for sale as it is cheaper and easy to attract customer to sell property. Usually a lot of amount is spent on the marketing of the sale of property through regular sources however the online portals are becoming the new trend. Buyers need to ensure that they check the authenticity of all the information before finalizing the transaction.

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