Myths about Investment in Indian Real Estate Market

Truth behind the various myths related with real estate market.

Truth behind the various myths related with real estate market.

The bubble of Indian real estate market is waiting to burst; there are many theories which are attached with this dynamic and diverse sector. Indian real estate market is blooming and has the better prospect in present and as well as in future. Monsoon time is about to over and people are looking for their dream home. There are so many houses and properties on sale in all over the country and it is the dream of every buyer to get the best property in affordable price, but before that any buyer should clear on these below myths;

5 Myths about real estate and their realities.

5 Myths about real estate and their realities.

    i.            Local developers offer the lowest and best possible price:

Before buying the property, check the credentials of the developer as local developers often default on giving the possession and this can increase your expenses. It is highly recommended to stick with well experienced and reputed developers.

 ii.            Prices of property are always fixed:

It’s absolutely wrong that property prices are always fixed, as sometimes developers can negotiate on prices if they are in hurry for clearing the old inventory and due to that there are chances that you can end your deal with a good discount through bargaining process.

iii.           Makeovers make a good investment proposition:

Makeovers will not always work to get the high prices, ROI (Return On investment) depends on your selling skills and the type of buyers you get. Location is one of the most important points in deciding the ROI. If you are in need of money, so it’s possible that you can end up with a poor deal. Never show to buyer that you are in hurry to sale the property or else they will try to bargain well.

iv.           The higher down payments are better:

Low down payments are actually better for you, if you are getting the loan on low interest rates i.e, less than 15%.  The low down payments can help you to snap up the property. And sometimes low down payments entail you to get the property insurance.  

v.            Rentals are not a good option:

Sometimes, rentals are a good option to get a few more bucks through property. Once the value of the property increases, you can always look for a better price to get the more rental.  In metro areas like; Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore, some people are making thousands of bucks just by giving their properties on rent.

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